Bama, Auburn and Mizzou NROTC

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Jan 29, 2013
Hello everyone!

We have visited Mizzou, will visit Auburn and Bama in the spring. DS will major in mechanical engineering.

Any thoughts on these schools and their NROTC program would be much appreciated.

Thank you!
Hello, my DS is applying for the NROTC MO scholarship and has listed Mizzou and Auburn as among his choices as well. We only had the chance to meet with the Mizzou unit so far, but they seemed to be a professional, polite, and well-run unit. There's 68 Midshipmen (50 Navy, 18 Marine). PT is twice a week for Navy Option midshipmen, and lasts around 45 minutes: Marine Options PT seperate from the Navy Options. This is all that I really have remembered, but good luck to your DS.
Check out US News Rankings of the Engineering Depts, that might play into your decision. Auburn is ranked higher than the other two I believe.
As an Auburn student, and ROTC cadet, and I can vouch for Auburn as an outstanding college. Great, compact campus, friendly students and community. Couldn't imagine going anywhere but here. Can't vouch for NROTC however.
Alabama does not have an NROTC program. With two sons in the AROTC program, I feel I can speak to that program. Feel free to message me or ask whatever questions.
I can tell you that, from a national interest perspective, Auburn is a popular unit, and frequently fills up many years (it was full last year by about February).
Thank you all!

Bama is his first choice in the Plan C category (no NROTC waiver granted due to a fall football injury and subsequent surgery.) With their OOS high ACT scholarships, he was awarded a nice chunk of change which will make it affordable on our own.

Auburn is currently number one for NROTC. Thank you NavyNola, as always your insight is both invaluable and terrifying (lol). His scholarship was awarded to his then first choice of Wisconsin which is now no longer (a sure problem for some who have to choose schools so early in the process and then change their minds.) As we understand, you cannot apply for a transfer until April, he was told applying for a transfer would be no long as the unit isn't full. Ugh!
Thank you all!

As we understand, you cannot apply for a transfer until April, he was told applying for a transfer would be no long as the unit isn't full. Ugh!

If youve been awarded a scholarship, you can request a placement change at any time; no need to wait. Depending on the school requested, placement changes can be approved in as little as a day or two.
You probably already know this, but Alabama allows scholarship stacking. So if he applies for an AROTC scholarship and gets it, that will pay his tuition. Then the university will refund to him the balance of whatever is leftover from his merit scholarship to use to live on (which is a lot for a OOS scholarship winner). Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if your son would like to get in touch with my sons. One will be commissioning in May, and the other is an MSIII.
I'm currently a Junior Marine Option Midshipman at Mizzou. PM me and I will try to answer any questions you may have about our program.
NavyNola, thank you!! That is incredible news!

Taxpotato and mattjr96, thank you for the great offers! We have not been to Alabama, but we have been to Mizzou; spent a week at the new sports complex for a diving meet, what a gorgeous facility and campus!