Basic Training and AIT

Discussion in 'Service Academy Parents' started by jaymt97, Dec 2, 2014.

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    Anybody recently been through basic or AIT? im planning on going over the summer and want to know a little about it. im pretty positive i have enough mental capacity for anything they can throw at me. but what can i do to prepare physically? and what can i expect in general? how long is it, both basic and AIT? whats different about the 2? what kind of physical training is done in basic?
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    what's your MOS
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    I am a little confused.

    In a previous post you said you are just finishing your application for a 4 year Army ROTC Scholarship.

    You realize that if you enlist and attend BCT and AIT you would be ineligible for the National 4 year ROTC Scholarship.

    If you are enlisting in the Guard/Reserve the only scholarship you would be able to apply for the GRFD Scholarship. If you accept this scholarship you would not be able to commission Active Duty and will be required to serve your obligation in the Guard/Reserves.

    You could attend ROTC as a SMP cadet and still compete for Active Duty as long as you do not take the GRFD Scholarship. You would also need to make sure what the regulations are for your state as far as tuition assistance and if they have any requirements attached to that money that makes you stay in the Guard/Reserves.

    I would suggest you do a lot more research before you sign any enlistment and lock yourself into something you don't want.

    If you are awarded a National 4 year scholarship you would not be allowed to attend BCT or AIT unless you give up the scholarship. Make sure you understand how all this works before you make any decisions.

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