Battlefield Airmen Club


Mar 5, 2016
Does anyone have any information or experience regarding the Battlefield Airmen Club? I haven't been able to find any information at all on it elsewhere other than that it is listed on USAFA's club list.
What do they do? Do they do training/prep workouts or is it more a professional interest club?
Not sure if you're referring to the hopefuls or the ones that passed selection. Either way pretty secretive from what I've heard. Sorry can't be more help.
Couldn't you call the presented number (point of contact) for more information straight from the source? If you do, I'd appreciate it if you relayed any info to us.
I was planning on calling tomorrow after class, I will relay anything pertinent/appropriate I find out. I just wanted to see if anyone here had an inkling here beforehand.
The answer I got was that they do a lot of prep training and screening for the battlefield airmen career fields at USAFA