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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by Vista123, Jun 21, 2013.

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    ok this is an odd one.

    My son is concerned about passing the medical standards for army ROTC. He is color blind, past history of seasonal allergies but he outgrew them at about age 10, wrestlers ear/ cauliflower now completely ear corrected, broken foot in second grade no pins or surgeries healed easily, accutane use finished over a yr ago. From my research he should be ok with those things.

    However, He has a small bb lodged in his hand-from shooting gophers with his cousin. Its been in there for years and years and the doctors say its not hurting anything nor are there any ill affects so just leave it be. DS forgets about it completely until the issue of dodmerb comes up and then he remembers he has this tiny metal ball in his hand. I cant find anything on this. anyone have any eperince with this?
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    I can answer the colorblind question. As long as he can differentiate between red and green he'll be fine. I'm colorblind as well, I can't pass the colored dots test but I can pass the red/green flag test.

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