Beanies for Baghdad


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Jun 9, 2006
My son told me about the Beanies For Baghdad Program. They take donations of other items in addition to Beanie Babies.

We had about 40 Beanie Babies that were just sitting on a shelf. I contacted this program and they gave me an address to send the Beanies to. I figure they will do more good in Iraq than sitting in my house.
Thanks for the link. We have a few neglected and and lonely beanie babies looking for a home, too. :wink:

Yesterday I received a very nice thank you letter from the soldier I sent the Beanies to. I didn't expect the letter so it was a nice surprise. She is a mental health specialist in Baghdad. Soon she will be sending me photos of the kids receiving the Beanies. :smile:
I just mailed a box of Beanies and plan to send more items. What a great program! :thumb:
That is great! I told some family members about the program and they will be sending items too.

I just sent all our beanie babies off to new homes...:smile:.

Thanks for letting us know about "B4B", WAMom68.
My parents and some other friends contributed several boxes to this program a couple of years ago. I'm so glad to see it is going strong. Especially since we still have some of this (more than some) around :) Do they still have the restriction on "religious" beanies do you know?