Becoming A Navy SEAL Officer (Long)

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    Hello Everyone,

    I have read and talked with people about the USNA and SEALs.My goal in life is to get over all obstacles , be all I can be , and be the best at it, doing whatever it takes to get there.

    I just have personal questions for anyone who is willing to read and help me out.

    I am a Junior in High school, I've wanted to be a Navy SEAL since the 5th grade.I wanted to be enlisted, yet I've decided two months ago of becoming a Officer through the hardest way possible; USNA.

    My Grades;
    My overall GPA is horrible I know this its a 2.0 , I though I was going to be enlisted and didn't need grades on my ASVAB I had a 89 so I thought I was set now its biting me in my a**.Yet I am taking AP and Honors classes.
    Although last quarter since iv'e decided i got a 3.2GPA and it's slowly on the rise.Along with my SAT Practice.

    My Other Qualifications:
    I am 5'11 , 140lbs
    I'm a Army JROTC Cadet,I was on Drill Team as a Squad Leader for 2 Years.
    I'm on the Raider team and was the only Freshman on the team , my Sophomore year I earned the Ironman Trophy for the best PT scores.
    11:53min 2/mile
    98 Sit-ups in 2min
    69 Push-ups in 2min
    I've been on the Varsity Swim team since my Freshman Year.
    I've Started Cross-Country this year and was on Varsity.
    I lift , I train myself in Boxing ,Muay Thai,and Taekwondo
    I have ran 44miles non-stop in around 9hours
    I have swam 6+miles non-stop

    I Speak English,Russian,Ukrainian,Polish, and Semi-Fluent in Spanish
    (if that counts for anything)

    I realize I have messed up my grades royally, but i will not give up I will finish this year off with a bang.I wake up every morning at 0400 workout for a hour and a half and do home-work.I've been completing everything on time.

    I will accept that I have made mistakes but I will overcome them , if i don't get in right away ill take NAPs if i can , or apply next year , but I will make it.

    I am currently waiting to start application for NASS

    My question is ,what can I do to improve.How can I be better.How do I get ahead in succeeding,any tips on what i can do or the application process will be greatly appreciated.Anything at all on the USNA Application Process,Academics,Phyisical,or Navy SEAL Officers or BUD/s,you can private message me too.

    (I have read the websites and scoured the forums;So please dont post general USNA website pages or such )

    Thank You and good luck to all applying to all service academies and all soldiers.
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    I think you already understand what you have to do. Get those grades up. You don't mention SAT/ACT scores. You need to knock those out of the park. Take them a few times to maximize your score. You already have some leadership and some demonstrated athletics. Those look pretty good. Focus on those grades and the aptitude tests.

    It's very tough to get into SEALS via the Academy. Search other threads on here to double check me, but I think around 20-30 were accepted to SEALS. So even if you get in I just want you to know you have a very tough row to hoe but given some of the things you've accomplished I expect you can do it physically anyway.
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    I'd say right now, don't worry about BUD/s and the SEALs so much, you'll have time to prepare for that later (and by this I do not mean stop working out, but don't worry about that aspect yet. Getting into USNA comes 4 years before being selected for BUD/s.) but focus mainly on academics. I'd say you certainly have the physical aspect down. Just keep working on your academics, and do well.

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