Being in the service and a vaccine is mandatory

Yep. Talked to him yesterday. They are definitely being voluntold. ;)
LOL -- I doubt the military is going to 'present' the vaccine as optional, regardless of formal policy. By the time the word gets down to the operating level, the direction will be "report to medical at 0530 with your shot card.." (I am guessing that shot cards are a thing of the past, but you get the point !). As a Midshipman, I don't even recall them telling us what they were shooting into us (with those lovely airguns --they make a mess if not pressed firmly and squarely against the arm).

I expect that Commands will be required to report how many of its people have been vaccinated , and every Skipper is naturally going to want to report 100% --guess what happens when that one guy (or gal) stands up and tries to tell them that DOD policy doesn't "require" you to take the shot :rolleyes:.

I'm not going to wade into the debate whether the vaccine is safe or not....there has been so much conflicting information, and in some cases, deliberate misinformation, that I really don't know what to believe anymore. I really hope that after we get through the COVID era, someone reliable goes back and does an after action review and sorts out the fact from fiction -- until then, I try to play it safe and err on the side of caution.
I was having the same thoughts. Just like “dental readiness” as a regularly recurring report and gradable item requiring tracking and database creation, the military will soon be requiring vax stats (bar charts! status tables! PowerPoint slides!) for COVID readiness.
I agree if you are talking about my doctor friends I golf with, or my PCP. However, there is a community of researchers (MD's, DO's, PhD's, MD PhD's etc.) that live to prove/disprove these things. It's a curious, inquisitive, frenetic bunch. Highly educated, highly intelligent people the world over are pouring over the study data. They live it! BTW- the date published by Pfizer is interesting. I am not a medical professional, but I pretend to be one daily for a living. The science is sound. I would prefer to have the benefit of time as well. Unfortunately, we don't have that luxury. I have to say again, I find this thread so compelling and interesting in so many ways. I respect all perspectives concerning this matter.
Well that is a whole different group of people. These are what i would call scientists and researchers and definitely would have an expert opinion. However, most people dont have access to them or to even know they exist. I am sure that in the long term if there was an issue their word would eventually come out, but i doubt it in the short term. In reality most people rely on what their doctors say, which I will also. My best friend has AFIB, for the last 3 years he has been told the 1 apirin a day is all he needs to thin out his blood and today the docs are saying the maybe a blood thinner would be better. My point is that with time, things change and the studies show prove or dispprove their theories. Which goes to my original point that while I am more than willing to take the vaccine, you never never what they may find 2 years down the line.
My son that when he moves to his next base next month, he was told they were going to get the vaccine. They are part of a test group for the Air Force. My wife ask if parents can get it also. He told her , he would send her the vaccine in the mail:p
If I may, I’m more worried about a virus from a bat entering my body then I am of a tested and proven vaccine developed by people with more letters before their name than I can count.
that is the point, its been barely tested in the scheme of things. I am not arguing for not taking it because I will. However to claim it has been tested and proven is an overreach. It has been tested and proven in the time period they have taken which isnt very long. We are in a emergency situation and they are going to get this vaccine through the FDA in warp speed which is great because we need it. I still have my doubts but think the benefits outweight any potential issues with it. I just dont want to turn into a Zombie ( see I am Legend)
Bringing folks back into the universe of the reason for the SAF.

Vaccines will not have any effect on medical accession standards.
For the foreseeable future, vaccines will be on a voluntary basis for Service Members:wiggle:
Bringing folks back into the universe of the reason for the SAF.

Vaccines will not have any effect on medical accession standards.
For the foreseeable future, vaccines will be on a voluntary basis for Service Members:wiggle:
I chuckled on the word voluntary. When has anything in the military truly been voluntary? You might not have to take the vaccine by law, but until you do there's a mandatory 0400 formation waiting for you 7 days a week.
No vaccine that I know of is 100% safe.

Don’t take it literally- safe reputation is what I meant. I don’t experience worry or doubt when I get a regular checkup shot. I surely do question the covid vaccine though.
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Not Military, but my mom is in a long term care facility. 30 mins after FDA approved what they did today, we received notice she will receive a vaccine on 12/28. Paperwork coming around tomorrow. Staff will receive it on 1/12.

I’m shocked!!

Adding: speaking to the debate “safe or not”, I asked my mom if she was sure she wanted it. She could hardly tell me yes through her tearful cries. Hands down, no question a resounding “YES!!”. She hasn’t had a hug for 9 months. The toll that’s taken, for my family, is worth the risk. Quality of life issues here.
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This is a pretty hypothetical discussion for those of us in the huge group of people that aren't Essentials. But those much closer to the front of the line, including military, health care providers and those with vulnerabilities, actually have to answer the question of whether to receive the shots. I've heard a lot of stories like the one above from those folks living in the shadow of the virus.

I wonder how many of the folks in those surveys from the back of the line would answer the same way if they realized half a year was going to pass before they might get it offered to them? By then it won't be so new, many others will have received it and unexpected complications will start to emerge.
"These vaccines, which are currently voluntary, are a proven effective measure to better protect you, our Navy and our nation from this insidious threat. I ask that every member of our Navy team strongly consider receiving the vaccine not only for yourself, but for your shipmates, your family, and your fellow citizens. By maximizing vaccination among our force and maintaining our mitigation measures of physical distancing, mask wearing, and hand washing, we will begin the return to normal. I will receive the vaccine shortly after it is made available to senior DoD leadership."

Allow me to translate. Currently voluntary means that if 85% of you take it, we'll lay off the other 15% of you. If a bunch of you refuse to take it, you'll be told to take it.

You know, so just take the dang vaccine. ;)