Significant??? really???:rolleyes:
I guess it depends on which definition of the word you mean. If you are going with: "important and deserving of attention; of consequence," you're right. I thought you meant "relatively large in amount or quantity" which would depend on what % you think that constitutes.
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I'm just using the same adjective in both cases in order to convey a degree of respect to both sides.
The numbers are still in flux, and the final totals won't be known for some time, but it is obvious that President Trump received a minority of the votes for president and it appears that president-elect Biden received a majority of the votes.
In both cases, given the record turnout of voters in this election, those numbers are significant.
Okay, definitely not a meme, but how is it that all our major 2020 problems in the US seem to start or get a foot-hold in Washington state, first?
- COVID-19
- Murder Hornets
- Now, measles?