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Oct 23, 2017

I am commissioning in May 2018. I am expected to receive my AFSC within the next week and a half. I am really hoping to get 17D, 14N, or 62E. Honestly, I will be happy with anything the Air Force decides to give me. With that being said, what are the best bases that are affiliated with the previously listed AFSCs? Also, what are the daily lifestyles associated with those AFSCs? Thanks a lot in advance!
You questions probably fit better into a different section of the Forums.
Life after the Academy is where I would start on this site.

HOWEVER, personally, I would wait until your AFSC drops, than ask questions. I would assume at this point you have many friends that graduated prior to you (IE last yr) and you can FB them for guidance. For example, when DS commissioned many moons ago with a UPT slot to Del Rio, he contacted a cadet that commissioned 1 yr earlier and asked him questions directly privately via FB.
Well with 17D and 14N, you'll have exactly zero options once you go on AD since you'll PCS to training at the respective bases and get selected for a unit later down the road. 62E, you can go to MANY bases, however, there are strongholds for 62Es such as Wright Patterson, LAAFB and Hanscom. Depends on what you want to do with it. I can't recommend a base for you, but when you get your choices, google the base and see what orgs are there.