Best ENT surgery timeline? After physical and deal with waiver or get done before and do physical in early Spring (ROTC scholarship)?


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Sep 7, 2023
My son earned a 1st board full AROTC scholarship. His DodMETS account was just set up. We have realized in last few days that his deviated septum and large tonsils may pose an issue and DQ. He has not filled out his questionnaire yet either. He is a high level athlete and will play in college. While annoying with some minor symptoms, these are not affecting his functioning even during intense activity. Both issues can be fixed with surgery, but even his ENT said it is elective and up to him and non urgent. We are wondering if it is better to go ahead and schedule his physical, knowing a DQ is possible and then work to get these surgeries completed and go through the waiver process? Possibly a chance they just go remedial and not DQ?

Or, is it better (and possible) to get these taken care of in next 2 months or so and have them out of the way for the physical. Then having records of fixing? He would complete the physcial once ENT says he is healed and issues fixed, which we would hope be by March or so. He hadn’t planned on getting surgery to fix these anytime soon before realizing it may pose an issue in getting him qualified. Not sure which is best approach or pro’s or pitfalls of each.
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