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Aug 19, 2016
New to the Forums here. I have searched around a little but have not found exactly what I am looking for.

I am starting AFROTC here in 2 weeks. I will be a 200 level cadet (I think that is the proper way to say it) I am looking at doing Drill Team, Color Guard or Special tactic. I was curious as to what the "best" one would be to help my chances at getting selected for FT.

What are Pros and Cons to all of them?

Thanks in advance
There really is no "best" activity. What matters most is going to be your GPA and PFA as well as standardized and AFOQT test scores. If you do well in those areas and are outgoing, eager to learn, and a team player, it won't really matter which activity you choose as long as you show you're involved with some sort of activity beyond just the required. If you do choose one or two activities you are interested in, try to be as involved as you are able while still leaving schoolwork as a priority. It's better to be super involved in one or two than just kinda involved in a bunch.

Just to reiterate my first point, you're not at school to major in ROTC. I've seen cadets with 3.0 GPAs who did every extracurricular activity their detachments offered not get into Field Training, while cadets with 3.8 GPAs who only showed up to Lead Lab did. Extracurricular activities are just icing on the cake compared to those other categories.

Now, if you want my opinion on which activities I like, I highly recommend Arnold Air Society if your school has a squadron. It's sort of an AFROTC fraternity/honor society that also helps prepare you for Field Training preparation. There are also a lot of leadership positions you can apply for as well as volunteer service opportunities.
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