Best (or worst) "Oh no, I'm Back There" Dreams

Capt MJ

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Sep 27, 2008
In many threads, there have been mentions of anxiety dreams where the person is right back at their Academy in some horrible situation, or other situations from uniformed life. Interested in hearing your variations!

I am not talking about flashbacks related to PTSD - that's a serious kettle of fish.

I am job-hunting, and on tenterhooks about whether I will get the nod in a current interviewing process. Apparently I have some anxiety! I woke up this morning with heart pounding, and echoes of "oh crap" fading away. I dreamt I had landed a great job at the Pentagon as a civilian, had just been shown my office and met staff. I was feeling great. Then a staff assistant stuck his head in, said "you're due in the Tank for the Chiefs' briefing (Joint Chiefs of Staff) in 10." I looked down; I was somehow in uniform again. I also had no brief, no notes and no idea what my deliverable was. That awful sinking feeling, so familiar, came rushing back. Then I woke up. Most of mine are some variation related to Pentagon tours. I am skilled at managing stress from years of practice, but it's funny how the brain works it out in dreamland.
To this day I still have dreams about being lost on the yard and not finding my classroom and fear of being late.
I went to night school while working full time for about 10 years to earn my BS in Mech Eng. Most of the time it felt like I would never finish. It's been well over 20 years since I finally earned my degree, but every once in awhile I wake up in a sweat thinking I have a few more classes to finish.
Every six months or so I will dream that I'm at the academy and forgot which class I have and what classroom it is in. I'm usually frantically wandering the hallways trying to remember, but knowing I'm already extremely late!
Since I took my specialty exam orals for my PhD I have had several dreams where I am standing there at the board and they are asking me basic math questions (like literally adding) and for some reason I can't seem to figure it out and I just stand there while they all stare at me. Not a fun one.
I had a nightmare the other night that I took my car to Pep Boys because it had a flat and when I came back the car was completely taken apart. I love my car, everyone calls it the Batmobile, I went ballsitic.