Best Way to Move Remaining Household Goods After BOLC

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Cadet656889, Aug 22, 2016.

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    My orders say that I report for BOLC on September 24th and my follow-on assignment will be at JBLM Lewis.

    I was planning on bringing the bare minimum with me to Benning and then having the rest of my household goods shipped through the Traffic Management Office to JBLM Lewis after training.

    However, I won't be bringing all of my household goods with me to training at Benning, so what it the best way to have my remaining items at my home of record shipped to my first duty station after BOLC and Ranger School are over?

    Thank you.
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    I did the same sort of thing and had my parents ship stuff from my home of record to my first duty station while I'm at training. You need to go to JAG and get a power of attorney for HHG shipment- it's really easy and they do it all the time. Then you can set up a date for TMO to move your stuff. You should call the TMO nearest to your home of record to schedule your move and they should be able to help you settle all the details. Hope that makes sense!
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    I always found going in person to Outbound Shipments at HHG office and being very appreciative and courteous with the shipping clerks, with orders in hand, helped me understand what my orders entitled me to and how best to set things up.

    I was in the same position at the start of my career, shipping an express shipment from my school location in RI to my first PCS duty station in Spain, and shipping a HHG shipment with bicycle, bookcases, other stuff from home of record (parents' house) in GA. Make nice with the HHG civilians who have been dealing with O-1's at the schoolhouse posts/bases for years. They know all the permutations on what can be done legally. I suggest calling first to see if you need an appointment.

    You can also look into DITY moves. They are now called Personally Procured Moves (PPM). That can be a good solution sometimes, but a taxable event may be involved.

    And, google this string:
    "understanding JTR HHG entitlements"

    This will produce several good articles to help you understand this important aspect of your military life. You will become adept at moving every few years, and understanding entitlements and knowing what orders say is good for you personally and as a JO helping your troops.

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