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    So I have scheduled my official BGO meeting for next week and my BGO stated that he will meet with my parents and me for about 30-45 minutes and then another 30-45 minutes to speak with me personally.

    I was just wondering, what should I expect to happen in the one on one meeting? Are there any specific things I should prepare for? What sort of questions will he be asking me?

    Also regarding dress code, we will be meeting at my house and I remember having read previous posts stating that dress code should be formal but it doesn't need to be a suit. Also I remember having read that you should avoid being barefoot, however my family takes off shoes before entering our house. Would it be rude if I asked the BGO to take his shoes off? Should I try and make an exception with my parents and wear shoes for the day?

    Thanks ahead of time for the input.
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    Wear shoes and don't ask your BGO to take his off. Dress sharp and give your BGO a firm hand shake. Look your BGO in the eye when speaking to him. Prepare a resume of your accomplishments and ask him if he would like to have it.

    The BGO is evaluating your leadership experience and aptitude, so be thinking of work, academic, club, scouts or sports events where you exercised leadership. Also he will want you know your desired major and service selection.

    Don't be afraid to brag about yourself, but with an attitude of humility rather than arrogance.

    Hope it goes well!

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