Bible during BCT


Mar 8, 2022
What is your recommendation for a appointee who wants to bring a Bible for his own personal use? I understand electronic isn't an option until after BCT. He also understands that he will be carrying his bag all day in his left hand on I day so lightweight is preferable. Is he allowed to have it in his room before A day if he gets a small pocket size? Taking it to jacks Valley? Would it get ruined if it stays in the tent? Anyone with previous experience?

Not looking to start any controversy, just looking for recommendations/guidelines from someone who has done this before.
I was waiting for a cadet to respond but as a USAFA parent, there are no issues with bringing a Bible for own personal use and keeping it in their room. They are allowed some personal items and a bible is one of them. Jack's Valley shouldn't be an issue either as they stay in hard covered buildings and will be carrying many other things - a small bible can make the journey I'm sure. Again, maybe a cadet can post more detail.
All Basic Cadets are given the option of receiving a Bible during Basic Training. I know a few kids in my squad brought their own. Religious items are one of the few authorized personal items that you can have. Here’s a picture of the one we were issued FYSA.


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Plenty of basics have bibles - but I'd recommend against bringing a nice, well loved and annotated one if you plan to bring it to Jacks. Or, you can bring it, but then bring the optionally issued one to Jacks instead (assuming they still do that).
When it comes to religious items, you are fairly safe. No upperclassman wants to get into a religious issue with a cadet. Something outrageous - sure, but a bible -- it will not get touched or desecrated.
Whenever we were dumping our bags on our beds for inspection, they asked if things were for religious purposes (as Shiner said, within reason). I brought a standard size bible and a notebook, and had no issues!
Totally fine to bring a full-size bible. The weight difference might feel terrible on I-Day but I'd argue it's much nicer than the tiny one we got during basic. Don't bring it to Jacks, it'll probably get dirty. Don't try to hide anything in it.
What they said, but Jacks I would not count on having it in an entirely waterproof area so a gallon zip bag would behoove you
I do know that during BCT Church is packed, after BCT, not as much.😃

When DS was in BCT, the preacher told them that he knew his time with them would be the only quiet time they would get (no cadre yelling) so he wasn't offended if the basics fell asleep or wanted to read their mail. DS said that a lot of them would sit and cry as they read their letters from home but it was a welcomed relief to be together in that quiet space.
Since the Bible comes in different sizes, you can bring a small book no bigger than the palm of your hand. Many of us kept our Bibles in airtight bags and hid them in our breast pockets. I think you can do that too. At, brothers and sisters gave me several pocket Bibles. One of them is in a newer translation, with a picture of the forest on the cover. I think you've seen those. Of course, I could give you one of my books as a gift if it doesn't bother you that the book has a lot of markup stickers. I've never written there with anything but a pencil. I wrote most of the notes I took on pieces of paper that you can stick out of the book if you need to. PM me if you want the book.