Big White Envelope...


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Dec 22, 2007
January 25th couldn't get any sweeter. My big white envelope appeared in the mail today. Chalk another one up from PA for the Class of 2012!!!:shake: :biggrin: :rolleyes:
Well Done and Congratulations!

Wishing you success in your time at the USAFA and in your career in the AF!
well hopefully hornet we will meet at orientation so i can put a name to a face...
Well, if he is a 2-Dig running BCT this year, I'm pretty sure you'll have plenty of opportunities to put his "name to face" then. Usually, his face will be close to your face, but his voice will be slightly more agitated than yours! :smile:
lol Bullet. I will actually be a nice guy in BCT as an EMT, so not too many worries. HOWEVER, if I get my desired position next semester, any new 4 dig in 1st group will know me and then I will be the more agitated one. :)