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Discussion in 'Life After the Academy' started by blackhawkmom, Sep 24, 2015.

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    Never did we think Japan would be the first assignment but here he goes. Phone ? On base off base housing? Take furniture don't take furniture? Kid purchased couch, TV entertainment center, pots and pans,queen size bed,kitchen table all very nice didn't want to buy cheap stuff buy quality once and be done with it--yeah right. He is not taking his car but wow any one have experience with this? I'm shell shocked!
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    My old USAFA room mate just PCS'd to Yokota about a month ago. Phone was easy and comparable to what he'd get in the US. They do off-base housing and have an office to guide them through the process. I believe he took furniture but your DS will be notified how much he can take with him. Takes much longer to arrive though.

    It's not as crazy as you think. He will get a sponsor from his base to help him out as well. Don't worry. :)
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    Japan was my first duty station. Not a big issue. Don't worry. He will get a sponsor that will walk him through it all. Cells are easy. Even if he doesn't take some stuff, the military will store it all including his car. Cars are easy over there. Cars are cheap. His sponsor will know all the details to get him hooked up with wheels. Depending on service and base will be dependent on if he lives on or off base. His sponsor will know the deal and talk with him. This happens everyday for military folks and really isn't as crazy as it seems right now. It's not like he needs to sell all his stuff, the military will either move it for him or store it. His sponsor will make sure he has the info. Take a deep breathe and get excited about a future trip to Japan!
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