Body Alteration Form -- Female Pierced Ears Okay?


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Jan 2, 2009
Hey ya'll,

I recieved my offer of appointment several weeks ago in the mail, and am now in the proccess of completing the paperwork. However, I'm really confused as to the Academy's policy on pierced ears of female midshipmen, so I'm not sure how to fill out the body alteration form. In the form, it states that intentional mutilation of any part of the body is prohibited, but then goes on to say that "enlarged or stretched holes in ears are prohibited (other than a normal pierced earlobe for women)". So my question is: should I disclose to the academy that I do in fact have pierced ears as a female, or is it unneccessary because it does not apply to the form?

Thanks in advanced for the help. Go Navy!
As long as you have what is considered to be "normal" ear piercings I think you are ok not to disclose it. For reference, here are the navy regulations on piercings. I believe USNA has a similar policy on women's ear piercings.
I had wondered the same thing, but on the form I just ended up putting that I did NOT have body alterations. They specifically put other than the normal earlobe piercing is not okay and therefore, have to be clarified. I even asked my parents about it to make sure, and they told me that even though I have that one piercing, to mark the 'not' option.
My son disclosed on his original application that he had a normal pierced ear. This has never been questioned or an issue. On his appointment paperwork it talked only about mutilation/abnormal. If anyone has any factual knowledge regarding the do/don'ts, please advise.
If you read further in the paperwork, it says something about except for normal ear piercings (I am not sure if this was only talking about girls or not...?)- so I did not include that my ears are pierced (they are in accord with Naval regulations though).