Jun 18, 2017
I’m an incoming cadet this summer and received the boot memo but was wondering what the recommended boots are for BCT?
Garmonts are the way to go for BCT. Will be the most comfortable for field wear in my opinion. I love the Belleville C390 for garrison wear. They are not as comfortable as the Garmonts but they look clean and are very durable. Expect to just get a new pair of garrison (not field) boots after BCT anyways so my 2 cents. Use Garmonts as BCT and field boots / Use Belleville’s for Garrison wear.
My plebe likes his Garmont boots. The first pair was ruined during Beast because the weather was wet and muddy. On A Day we had to purchase new pair of Garmont (too dirty) and low quarters ( did not fit well) at the PX. DS has issued boots but they are not as comfortable as Garmont T8. He is now using the nice boots in Garrison and the dirty pair for rucking and summer CFT.
I am an accepted candidate for the USMA Class of 2023 (Hooah!) and have a somewhat related question.

Is it acceptable / recommended to waterproof or treat the leather boots for CBT? I would think that this would help with rain rucking etc, but on the other hand maybe wet boots is a way to teach cadets to "tough it out."