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    Good afternoon, everyone.

    This past February, I was awarded a Type-7 (convertible to Type-2) AFROTC scholarship for any approved major to any AFROTC-affiliated school. In a rather bitter-sweet twist, I will be activating the scholarship due to my non-selection to the USAFA and medical disqualification to the USNA. Nevertheless, there is a bit of a dilemma as to what civilian college I will attend next year. Currently, Boston College seems to be my best option for a number reasons; however, they do not have a detachment on campus which would thus force me to commute to Boston University (about a 20 min train ride away) for the usual ROTC rigamarole.

    My other civilian option is the University of Miami where a detachment exists on campus. This convenience would certainly eliminate several headaches, but UofM doesn't entirely seem like the place for me for a number of different reasons.

    So, my question is, does anyone have any experience with either of the aforementioned detachments? What are they like? Has anyone gone through the commuter process, especially in Boston? Is it manageable (especially with the snow!)?

    On a side note, when do ROTC students usually report to their college/ detachment? Is it on the first day of school, with everyone else, or does the policy vary from location to location? Now that my summer is entirely free, I'm looking to perhaps vacation with family.

    Any advice/ insight/ wisdom is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

    P.S: I'll be reapplying to the Academy come July 1st because going to the Academy has been my goal since day one.
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    No comments on the colleges other than to pick the one you'll be happiest at. It sounds like neither one entirely meets your needs but in the case of Miami you don't mention why, so it's not possible to know what to tell you.

    Report dates/Freshman orientation differs by the school and you will be notified when to report over the summer.

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