Breakout Starts! VMI Rat Mass 2018+3

Breakout continues!

Resurrection Week was all this week that included a special "sweat party" with their "Dykes". (VMI Grads can confirm . . . the term Dyke has been used for years at VMI and comes from the Southern drawl way to say "to get all decked out" . . . it is a term of endearment for the member of the senior class, Class of 2018, that has been their mentor.)

. . . at the end of Breakout today, the freshmen will no longer be known as a "Rat Mass" (Rat Mass 2018+3)...they will have instead earned the right to be called the Class of 2021.

Even though now a Class, they are still (or have become) 4th Class cadets. While they no longer have to "strain" (we called it "bracing" at USAFA . . ."an extreme form of "at attention" that improves one's military bearing and posture" . . . it actually does) . . . and no longer have to "push on the stoop" (do push-ups for an Upperclassmen) they still have very limited privileges.