Bringing Records to DodMERB Physical


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Jan 7, 2017
My son just got notified that he will soon be contacted to schedule his DoDMERB physical in the near future. In preparation for the day he goes, should we gather doctor notes/records from his doctors that would answer some of the questions that will come up. For example, he has used accutane and been off for quite awhile. He had an episode of back pain that was MRI'd and solved with physical therapy. Would bringing those records to the appointment possibly preclude the need to have the board ask for more records from doctors?
My DS also used accutane. We had the doctor write a letter stating the start and end date, say that there were no complications and also state that he was fit for attending any Military Academy. He wrote this on office letter head and my son took it with him to the DODMERB appointment. We of course kept copies for our records.
We also got a letter from the oral surgeon explaining the wisdom teeth removal surgery. Same type of thing saying when done and no complications and ready to serve. No problems with these 2 things at all.
Hope this helps.
I would bring the records, but the physician may not want to see them. You may want to make sure the physician puts important information into his exam record. It may eliminate the need for a remedial. You already know about accutane, and it seems like you know what they will need. For the back pain, there is a orthopedic injury questionnaire on the DoDMERB site. The form could give some insight into what you may want to have the physician record during the exam.