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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by thepojoman, Jan 31, 2015.

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    Hey all. I broke me arm last week during basketball practice. I didn't need surgery and am in a cast now. Doc said I should be cleared for full activity in April after spending 6 weeks in the cast. I emailed DODMERB and the AFA/USNA. The USNA said they are going to review my application without regard to my medical status.
    However, I just received a letter from DODMERB saying I don't meet the medical standards for the AFA. I have not sent them any medical report (I don't have one yet), so I don't understand how they can DQ me for this. They have no information on the severity of the injury.
    But most importantly, is this it? After the years and years of hard work for the academy will this knock me out? I will without a doubt reapply next year, but the prospect of going somewhere else for a year and then doing this whole thing over again does not appeal to me. I know it really depends on everyone's situation, but is this something that has been wavered in the past for others?
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    thepojoman - It's not likely over. You've been DQ'd. If your recovery and rehab are on schedule you may have time for a waiver or 'straight up' qualification.

    Contact the AFA and determine if your file will be reviewed for a conditional appointment. USNA already provided this response according to your post.

    Be prepared to update DODMERB as you progress. For example release to full activity by your physician, completion of physical therapy, and participation in activities after release to full activity that indicate you are recovered. Provide documents promptly to DODMERB when requested or call them as you progress and ask what documentation you should provide.

    Work with your physician to maintain your conditioning despite the cast.

    I'm sure others more knowledgeable will comment if there are AF or Navy specific differences.

    Good Luck - -
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    I suspect they DQ'ed you because they, as you say, do not have the information. I also expect they'll be requesting it. Frankly, I would have had that all together and sent it along as attachments to the original email notifying DoDMERB. It might have saved you some hassle. Hope everything mends well and the injury doesn't hold you back any. Try to keep up your fitness in the interim.

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