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    How does USNA weigh in OA in Scouting?

    is it simply seem as another leadership/service EC? or if u are able to achieve vigil, it is like another eagle rank award?

    very few ppl are given vigil honor out of a lodge- some ppl go through scouting without ever being called out to join OA.

    This upcoming year will be my 3rd year as a brotherhood member and if I step up and actively participate with committees/functions, I may be called for vigil.
    I am also a second term chapter chief
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    i can not tell you how they weight Vigil honor-but i can tell you it stopped interviews. DS was lodge VCECP and a vigil member once in an interview with a congressional panel when they asked about his vigil the whole interview became a story swapping between the panel members and my son. It is most definitely a plus if the right group of people interview you. USNA also has opportunities for NESA members with extra activities they can join in. If i'm not mistaken and trust me I'm very new to all this one choice for blocks during summer is to be a ranger at Philmont. Good luck to you -it is a wonderful organization.

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