C/O 2013! Best to be Seen! Big, Bad, and Mean!

Yes finally computers! Congrats fellow 2013!
Raging Bull 6!!! RAGE!!!
Ah, fellow first groupers, welcome to the best group in the wing. Though country club 8 won't be too bad. :wink:
Ah, fellow first groupers, welcome to the best group in the wing. Though country club 8 won't be too bad. :wink:

hahha ya thats what i heard, but our squad staff said they are gonna try to change that this year....we'll see lol. Well and also our training staff is supposedly ridiculous, not much fun there lol
i don't think a lot of you understand how totally awesome it is for us to finally be able to sit down, have a computer, and eat food in our rooms.

most of you are way up there. i'm SQ 37, animalistic skyraider:smile:

i never got swine flu or anything, just basically sick every day for the past few weeks :thumbdown: and only two people from my flight out-processed over the summer.
Ah, fellow first groupers, welcome to the best group in the wing. Though country club 8 won't be too bad. :wink:

What? I heard first group was the hardest, fourth group was the most chill. Lucky me for becoming a rowdy rebel squad 11, second group!
Yup, you are next door to me. Your AOC was one of the GE AOCs I worked with, she is awesome. 11 is a good squad to be in. First group is generally the most intense, fourth indeed is chill.

As for 8's squad staff. I worked GE with two of them (your training officer was my basic/4 dig roomie), so good luck with that. lmao.
Well, I have to say BCT was more of a joke than I expected but it did push my basic training count over 200 days. To my knowledge I am the only one that hit that mark, most of the other prior-e guys hit their 100 day mark a couple days before the official end to BCT.

The academic year on the other hand is going to kill me. I validated too much and I think I am going to be paying for it.
I think you'll find your schedule might be less daunting with upper level classes than lower level.
yeah somehow flyersboy and I ended up in the same basic flight/ ac year squadron. Barnstormin' 23! should be a good year. I'm excited for school strangely...
i stayed in the rooms of barnstormin' 23 during basic. many good times were had in those hallways.
Wow - it sure is great to see all these familiar names again! Missed ya'll all summer! Glad to hear that BCT was awesome for you. Can't wait to hear from the others of 2013 at their respective SA's. Welcome back to SAF ! :smile:
How? We are in Sijan

where we were last year. they moved between 1st and 2nd semester last year. remember there was all that barnstormer stuff on the wall on the western edge of vandy by a-hall? thats where u were right? we were in 21, so right down the hall
Feels gooooooooooooooood to be done...now time to tackle the academics.

hey anyone else give up their phones and leave them in A-hall on doolie day in? like put it in the plastic bags and put them with the rest of your squadrons? they've lost all of them i think. Mine's there, and no one knows where they are. just wondering if anyone has gotten theirs yet...
My daughter, CS40, just texted (Acceptance Day night) to say that her phone (previously lost/misplaced/locked up at DDI) has been located and returned to her. Others in her squadron also received their phones back today. Hopefully this means the missing phone issue has been resolved or is being resolved.
congrats 4 digs. now if only you all could have been trained as well as those Demons... ;)