C/O '26 parents - place to commiserate and share. Roller coaster for the next 3 years!

... so it's in USNAINST 1530.1G 20Mar2023:
paragraph 6g. Foreign Exchange Cruise.
paragraph 7b. (2) (c). International Program Office: Language, Regional Experience, and Culture (LREC), Language Study Abroad Program, Foreign Exchange, and Tall Ship Cruises.

Just talking from DS, he's opting for 2/C summer cruise in Pearl Harbor and 1/C Foreign Exchange.
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Yup, dude is driving home after he does his Physics homework tomorrow. Should be here around 1700 or so.

I'm guessing he'll actually find a way to get it done and maybe get here earlier.

Luckily, I think the rain is only supposed to be today.