C3C son lost some wisdom today


Feb 28, 2016
He texted me a pic of his four wisdom teeth laying on a square of gauze earlier today and said it took 15 minutes.

Nasty! Amazing how big those things are!

He gets the rest of this week off and is staying at his sponsor family's place. About an hour later he sent me another pic of a huge male mule deer standing right outside of their front door.
Anesthesia is easy to go under, the challenge is to wake them up. Glad to hear he's OK. Time to keep up with academics as I hear 3C year is a b...
I remember that...well, bits and pieces...that was some strong medication!
So glad it went well and he can rest in comfort!

We aren't waiting and doing this wisdom teeth over Thanksgiving break (class of '22 hopeful). That will insure no holiday over eating. Haha.