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    DS is considering the USNA, USAFA, and USCGA. We attended a CVW at the USNA back in January and he really enjoyed it.

    He was waitlisted for AIM and didn't get in but was offered to attend a Cadet for a Day program in the fall. Does anyone have any derails about the program? Will they have a program for parents while we are there?

    Also I know there is an option for an interview. DS plans to apply for EA in which the deadline is Oct 15. He will there Oct 18-19. Will admissions perform an interview while he is there?
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    My son was in a similar situation. He loved CFAD, and probably got more out of it than he would have from AIM. His interview was conducted by a cadet. I can't say if that will happen to your DS. He can talk to Admissions while he is there. They may do another interview, maybe. There is a short program for parents, but not something to fill your day. Bear in mind that we were there for this six years ago. He has since graduated.
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    DD attended CFAD last year after AIM waitlist. There was no interview at CFAD, although there was an option to do the fitness test. She scheduled an interview later through her admissions officer. The timeline on the actual interview occurring and the EA deadline/application review was very close, so I'd suggest requesting it as soon as the process allows.