Cadet March to Raise Funds for New Market Battlefield

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    If you happen to be living in the Shenandoah valley area- drive carefully up Rt 11- especially around Friday afternoon when these guys should really be nursing some sore dogs:rolleyes:
    Sunday May 15th commemorates the 147th Anniversary of the Battle of NewMarket where Cadets fought Union forces mving up the valley. 10 Cadets were killed, 48 wounded and they captured some cannon of the 34th Massachusetts in the victory. (Kind of a pyrrhic victory-they delayed the union advance by maybe a month- sometime in June, under MG Sigel's replacement MG Hunter, the Union forces continued back down the Valley and shelled and burned VMI). Ever since, the battle of New Market has been commemorated by the Corps on May 15th- if you happen to be in Lexington it's a good parade and moving ceremony at the statue of "Virginia Mourning her Dead". The battle itself is also commemorated at the Battlefield and museum and is also staring at you everytime you walk into the Cadet Chapel -Jackson Memorial Hall which was built by the Federal Government as a compensation for the destruction of the Institute. The painting in JM Hall is below: (Thanks to US Senator Dupont of Delaware who had applied to VMI but was turned down as he was not a Virginia resident- he wound up at USMA and was a Union Officer during the Civil War).

    For more on the Battle:


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