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Aug 5, 2007
Can anyone tell me what to exactly expect during cadet basic training at the AFA. I've been going to the gym regularly, and I feel as though I am completely ready in most aspects. I know the Air Force does not require pull ups during their Physical tests, but are they still administered during basic training? Any other tricks of the trade that I should know of? Also, will we be using the new Air force uniform, or will we still be using the BDUs? Thanks.
Yep. I made my decision to attend AFA several months ago after dropping USMA, AROTC at Middlebury College, and MCROTC at George Washington. I also turned down the AF scholarship around December because the type II didn't help me very much. I'm pretty sure that is the place I want to go. My friend's dad is a flight surgeon, and I'm sort of interested along the lines of medicine and aeronautical engineering.
The academy does not use the AF fitness test. We have two tests, the AFT and the PFT. The AFT is a timed 1.5 mile run. The PFT includes pull-ups, a standing long jump, sit-ups, push-ups, and a 600m sprint.

The class of 2012 will recieve both ABUs and BDUs.
A standing long jump? I never knew that was part of the test. Thanks for the update.
Letting you know exactly what to expect will defeat the purpose of BCT.
Perhaps a good question would be, "Is there anything we should be doing now so that we make it through BCT?"
push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, running, flutter kicks, sit-ups, diamond push-ups, etc.
I think we all figured that's what we'll be doing, but do you know of any good resources that set reasonable goals for these exercises? X number of pushups per day, X number of pull ups, etc.
Do as many as you can. lol. No matter what, you will break in BCT, it WILL happen. But, to satisfy you guys: if you can, in a series, do 100 push-ups, then 70 4-count flutterkicks, then 20 diamond push-ups, then do it 2 more times, then you'll be fine for sure.
Thanks, I'm remembering this one. I know for a fact that I'm gonna break at BCT... multiple times. My goal is to set my self up so that I recover as quickly as possible and help those around me do the same.
Very good. :) That will be a lesson better learned earlier than later. :wink: Just be sure to be willing to receive help too. The times I was actually able to give help, the guy next to me (who outprocessed after the first semester) refused it and would almost throw me to the side. Very frustrating. He also broke horribly all of BCT.
How much time do you get for each event during the AFT and PFT? Is it one minute for each event (not including the 1.5 mile run)
The PFT goes in 5 minute intervals. 2 min per exersize and 3 minutes rest.
The class of 2012 will receive both ABUs and BDUs.

Can you tell me which uniform will be used predominantly for Cadet Basic Training. I already have 2 pairs of broken-in black combat boots that go with the BDUs, and those are really uncomfortable compared to the green ABU boots, which may I add seem harder to break-in.
I've heard that we're going to receive both ABUs and BDUs, but I got an email regarding boot purchasing, and it only talks about buying the green ABU boots. This makes me think that if we are going to be wearing BDUs it won't be until after BCT, unless this is some sick trick to get us all to break in our ABU boots and then at BCT we all get brand new BDU boots :thumbdown: (not likely, just speculation).
Back to original ?

Hornetguy is right!
No matter what, you will break in BCT, it WILL happen.

Get used to that, this will be your future...graduate from the AFA and go to pilot training,they will break you at UPT...graduate DG from UPT, they will break you at FTU...graduate DG from FTU, the Op squadron will break you again.

I remember when Bullet went to Survival, (we were married for 8 mos, and I thought he would not be captured)...he laughed at me, and said honey, everyone gets captured...that's how it works! (Side Note: ASK BULLET ABOUT WINTER SURVIVAL IN AK...AND HOW HE GOT PIZZA DELIVERED BY GUYS FROM ANOTHER BASE:thumb:


Think about this logically...their job is to break you down and build you back up!
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I got my ABU pair over at Lakenheath Air Force Base. I only wore it one time, and it gave me a blister on my left heel. I got a slightly thicker sock, which seems to be helping.

Think about this logically...their job is to break you down and build you back up!

An air force major told me that was the hardest job he had to do while he was working at the academy.