Can DODMERB see medical record of underage drinking?

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by anonymous, Feb 28, 2013.

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    I am currently a contracted AFROTC cadet. I was recently taken to the Emergency Room for excessive intoxication. My BAC was not life threatening (0.19). I am underage, but civil/police/school authorities were not involved in any way.

    I am looking to compete for a pilot slot in the future. I know that the DoDMERB flight physical that goes along with that is quite in-depth. My question is, will DoDMERB have any way to pull the med records of this ER visit and possibly cause problems? I'm not sure how they would, but wanted to check.
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    DS commissioned last May with a UPT slot. When he went to Wright Pat for his 3 day physical he was required to bring ALL of his medical records. In short, since you were admitted to the hospital, they would see it. I am betting you could hide it and not bring it.

    I doubt though that it would impact your flight physical in any manner unless there were other medical issues that occurred during your stay in the hospital, or if this is more than a one time occurrence.

    TS clearance will occur at the same time, so you have 2x the chance of it coming out.

    You have yet to say if you are a C100 or 200. If you are a 100, my concern right now will be about how this may impact selection for SFT. Scholarships are blind for that selection, but currently your CC will carry 50% weight regarding their rec. on the score.

    You need to jump over the 1st hurdle IMPO before you worry about the next. You have to decide whether to report this, and than decide if not reporting it what impact will be there if it comes to light and you are dis-enrolled as a C400. Especially since you are scholarship. They can turn to you and ask for that money to be paid back. 4 yrs Type 2 or 7 can be 72K, higher for type 1.

    If you are a 100, I would suggest you get back in touch with your ALO if you are afraid to talk to the det. They can give you guidance. If you don't want to go this route, pm Christcorp or Flieger on this site because they are ALO's. They were ADAF. Flieger flew for the AF and just retired as an O6. Although they work more with AFA cadets, they have experience that can help you more than any of us.

    Good luck

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