Can I accept my AFA SS offer and then cancel later?


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Jan 11, 2018
I was recently accepted into the AFA summer seminar. I just applied to USNA SS and am waiting to hear back from them. USNA is my #1 school right now to be completely honest. If I accept my offer for AFA, but then get accepted into USNA, can i cancel my confirmation later? I can only go to one and I would rather go to USNA, but I only have until 3/16 to accept the AFA one and I don’t think USNA will Review my app
Neither summer session has any bearing whatsoever on whether or not you get accepted to USAFA or USNA, if that helps at all.
The summer sessions are more of a marketing tool to get people interested and exposed to Service Academies and SA life.
Think of it as a protracted college visit.
Your question doesn’t make sense. As THParent said, summer seminar has no impact on getting an appointment or not. As said, it’s main purpose is to give as many people as possible a taste of the academy in the hopes you will like it and apply there.

If navy is your #1 choice, then it sounds like you have already researched the navy. Going to their summer seminar won’t increase your odds of getting an appointment there, and it’s unlikely that it will change your opinion of wanting navy.

You however appear to be willing to apply to the Air Force academy as a backup in case you don’t receive an appointment to Annapolis. The LOGICAL decision then would be to attend the Air Force summer seminar and NOT the navy if both were offered. This way you’d have a better understanding of Air Force in case navy doesn’t offer you an appointment but Air Force does. This way you could make a better decision on whether to accept an Air Force appointment. Just because you’re offered an appointment, doesn’t mean you have to accept it.

It seems that you don’t need to go to navy summer seminar. It’s obviously what you want. What do you gain by going to the navy summer seminar? Are you expecting to be persuaded more than you already are? It seems like going to Air Force summer seminar is the logical choice, in case that is where you are offered an appointment. So you’ll know something about what you’re applying to.
Even AFA SS will give you some (minor) sense of academy life at any academy. You can always check out the Navy campus later, if you haven't already. Accept the one you have. It's worth two in the bush.