Can multiple candidates be appointed from the same school district?


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Nov 16, 2017
My DDs school district has not had a USNA applicant on several years. As it turns out, this year, in addition to my DD, another classmate is also applying. He is an All American swimmer and is already committed to USNA. I'm assuming he's a recruited athlete- don't know if he has a LOS, but the school district has a picture of him on it's website saying he's verbally agreed to USNA.

My DD is really, really upset...she feels she can't get an appointment bc her classmate is already "in". My DD is not a recruited athlete.

Can anyone give me some what my DD thinks, true? Does USNA only take 1 kid from a school district/area?

She's worked so hard for this..I'm hoping she's incorrect, and someone here will have something positive I can repeat to her.

Thanks everyone!
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My DD is at USMA while another young lady from her school (albeit two years older) is at USNA.
Yes. Many posts on this.

I work with a school where typically 2-6 kids receive appointments each year.

Twins are often appointed. They are in the same district, usually the same school and even the same house.:)
Yes. As mentioned, tons of threads on this. Plenty of appointees come from the same school.
Oh that's good to know. Thank you all! I tried to search for this info before posting, but clearly didn't do it correctly. Thanks for the kind advice.
It's all good! I have a friend who is committed for a sport but I (with no affiliation with athletics) actually ended up getting my appointment to USNA before him!
DS school had two last year and multiple in years prior -- not a military school. Keep the faith.
At my school we usually have anywhere between 4-9 kids go to Service Academies. In a typical year, we'll have 1-2 USMA, 1-2 USAFA, 2-3 USNA, and 1 going to a Prep School. It's common that most of our kids who accepted Service Academy appointments are male, but the female concentration typically lies in Navy and Air Force. We haven't had a girl go to West Point in 4 years, meaning she's a firstie now and that if I get an offer I'll be breaking a streak. In my high school career, no seniors have decided to attend USCGA or USMMA, though we do have Alumni and Alumnae who have attended the two schools.

Keep in mind my school is highly competitive, as the senior class is usually comprised of no more than 25o members in a given academic year. Our regular class size is roughly 220.

This means that almost 4% of our students attend Service Academies in an average year.

This year might have an even higher number, as we have an impressive number of Service Academy applicants this time around and 2 USMA LOAs, 1 USAFA LOA, and 1 USNA LOA. 3/4 of those are for athletics and all recruited athletes are male this year. One wrestler and two lax players.

While the Service Academies do aim for geographic diversity, you'll see kids get in from the same school district, or even the same school all the time. It may be harder to obtain a nomination from your MOCs if you have a load of competitive candidates from your district, but that doesn't mean you can't get one. Proximity to what you'd call "high school superstars" is something a typical Service Academy applicant has to deal with...there's always going to be someone out there more qualified than you. That fact keeps me humble and proud at the same time--it should remind you that your DD is someone special, but she'll still have to fight for her slot in the Academy just like everyone else.

I think you'll find it reassuring that I'm not a blue chip to USMA, but I was lucky enough to get an LOA after improving every area of my candidate file that I have control over at this point. As I mentioned before, my school has 3 blue chips in the senior class this year and one of them is to USMA. We are in the same region and communicate with the same RC, but that doesn't mean that West Point isn't big enough for the two of us.

USNA isn't too big for your DD and that amazing swimmer, either ;)

Good luck!
Answer is of course yes,,,,but you should understand that it does have an impact. The issue is not candidates in the School District, but rather how many Candidates are in the Congressional District. Each appointee has to have a Nomination. There are a lot of threads on this Forum about how Admissions has to select from a slate for each MOC. DD may be competing with this guy for your Congressman's spot , and if he is recruited or has a LOA, he may have an advantage. That being said, both DD and Recruited Swimmer have multiple Nomination slates to compete under, and if both are competitive, both can certainly get the Appointment. Bottom line, there are numerous scenarios that could play here, and there is really little to be gained from trying to consider "what ifs" -- get the application submitted, apply for all nomination sources, and always have a Plan B. Good Luck.
Amazed: We had the opportunity to go through the same stress last year. Tell your daughter to keep up the hard work, have a solid plan B and C as I have learned from this board and it its definitely possible to get more than 1 appointment in the same year from the same district.
Keep searching this board as there are many more examples.

Last year DD applied to USMA and I had similar thoughts as a Recruited Athlete from our town was given the LOA.
Long story short, both the RA and DD received appointments to USMA . Beat Navy!

DS bummed with MOC nomination/interview
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This was Capt MJ response's to my last years stress about the same situation from another thread. Again both recruited athlete and DD both got appointments. which nomination they came from we don't know as DD received congratulatory phone calls from two out of three nomination sources.

There is a sticky about recruited athletes that explains this in detail. The answer is maybe. It depends on what kind of recruited athlete she is and how your MOC does his nominations. If she is truly a "Blue Chip" athlete then she will get a different type of nomination and not affect your DD at all. We have a football player in our congressional district that didn't even apply for a congressional nomination. If she does not get this (They are few and far between for most sports), then she competes for a nomination and appointment just like everyone else. Your MOC decides how he submits his nominations independently of the ranking by the academy. He can chose to submit anyone of the candidates as a principal or can submit a competitive slate and then the academy will rack and stack them. The recruited athlete will get a few more points in the athletic section of the WCS but it is not enough that it cannot be overcome by a strong applicant.

Others more well-versed in USMA will reply, but here are some general comments, because I sense your stress:
- All appointees need a nom. Variety of sources.
- Recruited athletes need a nom. It can come from any of the usual sources, including MOC. There are also a number of noms that cannot be applied for which belong to the Superintendent, which can be used at his/her discretion. These can be used for highly desired candidates, which can include athletes.
You probably don't know what noms the athlete is eligible for and for which she has applied.
- The MOC has a choice of methods to fill out a slate, ranked or unranked, with or without a principal nom identified. USMA will evaluate candidates using their own criteria. Only if you know for sure what method is used, and who got the principal, if that method is used, can you speculate that the candidate with the p-nom and is triple-'ed will get an appointment.
- Your DD, assuming she has an MOC nom and is triple-q'ed, is competing against those on her MOC slate. If she does not get an appointment off her MOC slate, she will go into the national pool, competing against all others in same situation. USMA can fill out a certain percentage of the class with selections from that pool, and those appointments may or may not be charged to the MOC quota.