Can you get disqualified for meeting with a counselor?


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Nov 30, 2021
If I go see my parents marriage counselor with them to try to help one of my parents and me get along better, will that disqualify me? I've looked on these forums and don't see any questions like mine. It's not depression or that there's any mental illness or anything, we just want help getting along better.

It's weird. I'm in high school and things will be okay for a while and then we'll have a patch where we just argue about everything. My parents are in counseling right now, and the counselor wants me to come in with them some time to see if we can figure out why we don't get along great and see if there are some things we can do to get along better. I'd like that because I want to get along with them better and maybe have a better relationship when I'm out of the house.

But I really want to serve in the military too and don't want to accidentally mess things up and get disqualified or have to go back and get a bunch of waivers. I'm afraid that if I see this counselor, then it will raise a bunch of questions with my application. Or else that they'll ask for his notes and he'll have written "depressed" or "anxious" or something when I'm just trying to figure out my future and get along with my parents.

Does anybody know about this?