Can you submit you candidate kit for USAFA before your Teacher Recommendations are complete? Can those be submitted after and still count?

When it comes to recommendations, those are uploaded by the recommenders themselves. So, to submit your candidate kit, you just need to provide the recommenders' contact information (phone, email, etc). Same thing with the CFA administrator.

If you're not sure of a recommender, I would just put a name down and submit the candidate kit. You can always change the recommender after submitting the candidate kit (there's a link for that), and if you need any information changed in the candidate kit whatsoever, just email your admissions team (Team Blue or Team Silver).

Just submit the candidate kit ASAP because you won't get your evaluator ALO contact information until you do, and scheduling the ALO interview is something you want to get on top of as soon as possible because you never know how long it may take them to reply, or they might have a lot of interviews scheduled already.

Also, after submitting the candidate kit, make sure to upload SAT/ACT scores and get on top of the DoDMERB process if you haven't already, and also knock out the CFA! Don't forget to apply for nominations as well!

After doing all that, it's just a waiting game (waiting for teachers, counselor, DoDMERB, nominations, etc). Just make sure to complete and follow up on whatever is in your control.

(If anyone else sees this thread, please correct me if I'm wrong about anything I just said or if I missed anything, since I'm also quite new to the whole Service Academy and military world myself.)