Can you submit your application and then complete DODMERB?

Jun 9, 2017
Can you submit your application (with essays, test scores, etc) and then complete DODMERB when your application is sent off? It says here ( Documents/Admissions Timeline.pdf) that you can complete it from September to February. Can I submit my application and then do DODMERB? Thank you for your responses I'm uninformed regarding all the processes needed to be completed for admission.
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Yes. My application is completed and pending review, but I have not finished the DoDMERB process.
But don't wait too long to complete DoDMERB. If there are remedials to be done, it could delay matters.
As stated - early DoDMERB is far more meaningful than early anything else. Remedials; waivers; etc etc etc all take time and you can NOT accelerate that process.

Still plenty time right now but if you have the option I strongly suggest getting DoDMERB out of the way ASAP.
If you have everything in and are waiting on a remedial will the academy still look at you for EA? Will they still give an appt if you are waiting on a remedial?
^^ You have to be 3Q and have a NOM to be in the running for an appointment. I don't believe any SA uses the term EA.
The OP indicated they were applying to USMA, I thought that was what we were discussing.
Understood....but the EA question was posted by @marefitzy who is not the OP and has only posted previously about CGA and ROTC.

This is the problem when the DoDMERB forum applies to all SA's and all branches of ROTC. :confused:
If you have problems it takes a lot of time. I started the process in September, problems arose, and I didn’t finish with DoDMERB until February. Get started.
You cannot get an appointment without DodMERB qualification - if a remedial or waiver is needed all that has to clear first before the official appointment can be granted.

Now they could give a LOA etc etc contingent on DoDMERB but an appointment is an appointment and cant happen without a green light [or checkmark] for medical.