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    I'm currently applying for the class of 2020 and only have a few more things left to get done.
    My question is what exactly is my counselor supposed to submit regarding Candidate Academic and Candidate Activities records submission? I ask because I just moved to Japan from Virginia and my admissions counselor told me I need my new guidance counselor for both even though I've never attended the school but will be this fall (yes I am already registered with the new school) I guess I just don't get how my new guidance counselor would verify my activities record if all activities I listed in my application were when I was at High school in Virginia.
    Any help or comments?
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    Maybe have your VA counselor validate it and send a letter to your new counselor vouching for all your activities. Then your new counselor would be comfortable signing off?
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    That does not make sense to me. How would your new guidance counselor report your academic record if the transcript is from your Virginia school. Furthermore the information asked in the academic form could be completely different (i.e. the number of students going on to 2/4 year colleges, number of advanced courses offered). If you spent a majority of your FR-JR year in a VA high school, it should come from there. NavyHoops brings up a good workaround possibly, but then that is putting your Japan guidance counselor in a tough it is just kick balling the input.

    The only way I see this working is if you waited almost until the first semester is over and the Japan school could comment on your performance within that semester. However, your application wouldn't be complete until then.

    I presume your teacher recommendations came from VA?

    I would re-engage the guidance counselor with some of these concerns and to be honest, it shouldn't matter that your VA guidance counselor authenticated your record, given that they best know it. Have you asked your BGO (they should still assign you one) their thoughts?

    Any other BGOs seen this before? Thoughts?

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