Candidate Fitness Assessment


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Jul 4, 2007
I took both the CFA and PRT while at Session 1 at NASS. I passed both but I want to max them the next time I take it, and since the PRT doesn't apply to me yet, I would like to know the time limit/ maximums of each event for the CFA.

When you go to the USNA admissions website and copy off the CFA instructions to give to your test administrator, you will see a chart with all the USNA maximum scores.

Yes, I've seen the format, but does anyone know the time limits...ex. how long for pushups?
Sorry! Below is copied from the USNA CFA instructions. Didn't copy over very well! You are given two shots at the shuttle,with a minute in between starts. Shuttle will last less that 10 seconds (I hope). My son's best time was his second run. One of the critical factors of the CFA is maintaining the time sequence. It is done for a reason. By the time you get to the mile, fatigue is pretty high.

I laughed at his score for the basketball throw until he had me on my knees, in the middle of the street, heaving with all my strength...and feeling very wimpy with the results!

Testing Sequence
The test sequence will follow the order listed below. This order cannot be modified. There are no exceptions to this sequence or timing.

Events Test Start Time Testing Time Rest Total Elapsed Time
Basketball Throw 0:00 2 minutes 3 minutes 5:00
Pull-Ups 5:00 2 minutes 3 minutes 10:00
Shuttle Run 10:00 2 minutes 3 minutes 15:00
Crunches 15:00 2 minutes 3 minutes 20:00
Push-Ups 20:00 2 minutes 3 minutes 25:00
1-Mile Run 30:00 10 minutes 5 minutes* 40:00
* The 5-minute rest includes the transition time to the outdoor track. If the 1-mile run cannot be started by minute 30, an alternative arrangement for a running surface must be found.
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