Candidate Fitness Assessment


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Dec 13, 2008
Does anybody have any tips on how to get that basketball to sail farther? That's a weird one. How about the scoring? What's considered a good score? I'm asking for my son.

He can do:
15 pull-ups,
75 push ups,
95 sit-ups,
I don't know about the shuttle run,
6:15 mile (after doing everything else in the right order.

He will do the CFA on Monday. Any tips appreciated and will be shared by this supportive mom. He's at the gym now. I'm just home exercising my fingers!:rolleyes::shake::eek:
those are really good scores!!! remember, your son will be on a tight time schedule. fatigue will most certainly set in by the time you get to the sit ups (as it did for me), unless of course your son has been doing this and he has excellent endurance:

start, two minutes, basketball throw, three minute rest.
next, two minutes, pull ups, three minute rest.
next, two minutes, shuttle run, three minute rest.
next, two minutes, sit ups, three minute rest.
next, two minutes, push ups, three minute rest.
last, mile run, until done.

it's a very fast paced activity. good luck! if he can keep those scores above he is well above average!! :thumb:
Thanks. How do you get the ball to go farther? If you finish an event before the alotted time, do you get to have extra rest time?
there's a good trick to the basketball throw. looking at your son's push ups/pull ups, it looks like he has excellent upper body strength. also, it seems your son has great ab strength. so, with those two combined, a good throw can be executed. you can throw with just one hand, and steady the ball with the other hand. what i did, was wind up like a discus thrower with arms straight out with the ball in right or left palm (depending if you're left or right handed). rotate your upper body and your arms back so your knees/legs are facing forward but your head and your arms are facing behind you. then, start spinning at the abs toward the throw and work your power out of your arms. it's all a chain reaction. the abs will turn toward the direction you throw, following your shoulders, then to your tri's and bi's, then to your hand right before the throw, throw out your left or right arm (your non-throwing arm) and pull it immediately back as you release the ball. this will provide the snap for the ball. try to get a good spin with your hand on the ball, like a basketball player. getting a good angle with the ball is also critical. try to get about 35 to lower 40 degree angle on the ball. much past 45 degrees is to high for the ball to go the distance. this trick got me about 75 feet. which isn't great, but hey it's better than 62 feet the first time i did it.

as far as completing each event, the faster you get it done, the more recovery time you have. but, as soon as your event time/rest time is up, YOU GO ON TO THE NEXT EVENT. it rotates every 5 minutes with each event until the mile is completed. good luck to your son!! :biggrin:
Thanks! Printed and delivered to the candidate, already. We'll report back tomorrow.