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    Is it possible to find out what a candidate's rating is? Or do you only find out through an appointment? Thank you.
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    If you're referring to where said candidate lies on a nomination slate, then it's more than likely impossible to know or find out with the exception, of course, being a principle nomination, in which case you know that said candidate is #1. Most MOCs just send a list of names to the respective academies and let the admissions offices rank them. In this case it's also more than likely impossible to know where said candidate lies in relation to the other candidates.

    This is also the case if you're referring to the national waiting pool, where candidates that did not receive appointments on their MOCs' slates are ranked independently on a national level.

    In summary, unless you know said candidate has a principle nomination than you most likely won't know how this candidate compares with other candidates on a local or national level before receiving notification of appointment or rejection.
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    The only way to get a "sorta/kinda" guesstimate of how a candidate "stands" is to speak with the candidates' ALO.

    While we can't say with certainty "you are going to / not going to receive an appointment" we can tell with a decent amount of certainty whether or not the candidate is "in the hunt."

    In 19 years as an ALO...I've told exactly three candidates: "You will get an appointment...I'm certain of it!" :thumb:
    (All three were principal appointees!) :biggrin:

    USAFA '83

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