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Aug 4, 2008
wasn't real sure where to put this question, because it's more general than specific. i was deemed a candidate to the big 3 academies prior to ever receiving a nomination to any of them. does that mean that i was academically qualified? i was wondering because for one of the academies that i applied to, i am medically qualified, and i'm 90% sure i'm physically qualified, but i have yet to hear whether or not i'm academically qualified. and i got the nomination to the same academy, so i'm just waiting to hear back, essentially.
Don't quote me on this one, but being deemed a candidate by a SA means you have the potential to be offered an appointment. It is their way of saying that you should continue with the process. When I submitted my AFA application, my SAT scores were not competitve, but I was labeled as a candidate. It means you have potential, not that you are necessarily qualified in any way. Hope that helps, and best of luck to you.
You are considered comp. if you meet the bare bones min. for acad. This does not mean you will be selected, just that they feel all of the squares have been filled and can offer an appt. My guess is the third you are waiting on is USNA, because they send out scholastically qual letters.
actually, i was waiting on USAFA, but i did get an loa to USMA. i just need a nom. for USMA. thanks for your help! :biggrin: