Candidate Visit Program - Parents


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Feb 4, 2009
My son will be attending the USNA Candidate Visit Program in March. Are there any programs for parents to attend during this program? The confirmation letter did not mention any. I'm thinking information sessions, tours, etc.


Howdy --

I went with my son last started with a one hour presentation in an auditorium, parents and kids. They had some food put out for the kids. Afterwards the parents were cut loose and the kids went off with their middie escorts. The next day at 9am a q & a forum was conducted for the parents lasting about 2 hours -- it was informative. Following that, a tour was available for those interested.
HI Swmom,
The tour of the engineering/science facilities was great and parents were encouraged to attend. You will really enjoy the visit. best Western by the mall was very nice and very reasonable according to my dad. Breakfast was good, too
Thank you for your input. Neither the invitation letter nor the confirmation letter said anything about programs for parents - so I was considering sending him by himself. I'm glad I asked.

My parents and I are going for the CVW in a couple weeks, and they're coming partly just to explore Annapolis all Friday because they love it there. There is so much history and stuff to see there, you won't be disappointed if you run out of things to do on the Yard.