Candidate Visitation Weekends


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Sep 16, 2006
I am hearing that some candidates are getting CVW invites this past month. Anyone on this board got one yet?

My son, hoever, will need a waiver from USNA to get past the DQ that DODMERB hit him with last month. Seems that if you have ever had surgery on your knees (like he did 2 yrs ago) it's an automatic DQ, regardless of current status. However, we've been told that USNA can waive this if everything else pans out (MOB nom, grades, etc). And since he's currently on the HS tennis team and the cross country team (he's run 250 miles just in the past month or so) we're hopeful they will recognize that his knees are just dandy!

He attended NASS (as well as AIM and AFSS but Annapolis is his dream) but he'd still like to attend CVW to get the full effect. He's recieved no CVW invite yet like the rest of you - do you think the DQ is holding this up? Or worse, eliminating him?

My son received his invitation a couple of weeks ago and is set to visit Annapolis the end of October.
He also needs to receive a waiver from DoDMERB if he receives an appointment. He's also applying to USAFA where my other son is in the class of 2010. This is my son's second effort to get into an academy. He's a sophomore in college right now but in high school he received an appointment to West Point and turned it down. He also received a medical waiver from West Point. His medical issue was his back. He currently has no issues with his back but his request for a rebuttal with DoDMERB was refused. The waiver process can be long though. He didn't know until February of his senior year that West Point had given him a waiver.
We're hoping for appointments to both Naval and Air Force academies so we can convince him to go Air Force! My husband is also a USAFA grad... We're hoping this visit will give him a much more realistic view of the Naval Academy.
The waiting game is hard. This is our third time going through it and it doesn't get any easier. The bureaucracy moves slowly!
Good luck to your son.
nevermind. his story justs seems similar to someone i knew of at UT
i got my cvw invite the first week of october and i will be leaving this thursday! i cant wait to go.