Canidate questionarre


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Jul 31, 2014

I filled out the canidate questionarre a few days ago and just received my portal login info. Does this mean I have been selected as a candidate? do they not contact anyone who fills out the candidate form? Does this mean I will be competitive for admission? etc.
It means they haven't ruled you out or in yet. Finish the rest of the application asap and see where it goes. It's a long process, pay attention to deadlines for congressional nomination applications in your state, they are usually in the early fall. Good luck!
Does everyone who fills out the form get the same response? In other words is anyone "rejected" as a candidate after filling out the form.
From what I understand from my DS's process, after he filled out the questionnaire, he was considered a "Prospect." After that, they considered him "competitive," and now he's a full on "candidate" or, really "pre candidate" since he doesn't have a nomination yet. I would guess someone could be rejected if their scores and grades didn't meet the minimum requirements.
Once WP receives a candidate's CQ, they then officially have a file open.
At this point, their RC can do an initial evaluation to determine their competitiveness.

After this initial evaluation, some candidates will receive a letter from WP telling them their file is closed and why. They can have their file re-opened if they have improvements in the areas highlighted in the letter, usually test scores.

If your portal has been opened, then you have been deemed competitive for admission.

Complete your file as soon as possible! :thumb: