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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by sjbd94, Jul 6, 2011.

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    I cannot update my standardized test scores on the application website. I previously just had the SAT but now took the ACT and did much better on it. I have sent my ACT scores to the Army ROTC HQ through the ACT website. I have called some people and they said as long as the army has received the ACT scores through the ACT website it is okay if they aren't in the application and i can just submit my application with out worrying about it and the army will update it on their own. I was just wondering if this is true. Because I have every thing done except my updated scores in the application and want to submit it ASAP. Any info would be appreciated!
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    What you heard is correct. The initial application is basically used to pre-qualify the applicants for the interview. Once your interview is complete and the other materials (transcripts, PFT scores, etc.) arrive at CC, they will score your application at the first boarding deadline. After that point, the only update to your file will be improved SAT/ACT scores.

    I would advise that when you get your paper copy of the ACT score that you scan it and email that to CC as well, asking for a confirmation that they have processed it. Stuff happens and you don't want it to happen to your application.
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    You can also ask the ROO at the school you are most interested in to check and see if your most recent scores are posted. This also allows you to open a dialogue with the ROO and let her/him know you exist. Also, see if they will double check your scores when you do your interview.

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