Car Insurance ~ New info?


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Feb 24, 2015
I researched the thread for car insurance. Does anyone have any new info for insuring a cadet? CGA doesn't allow them to have a vehicle til senior year. Is USAA non driver policy still the way to go? If you don't mind what is the round about price they pay?

Insurance premiums are based on vehicle (age, safety record, cost to repair/replace, value, etc.), driver's individual driving record, average yearly miles driven, geographic area, amount of coverage chosen, amount of deductible chosen, general risk data for that demographic and other factors. No way to generalize.

The non-driver policy is also based on various factors - call for quote.

A cadet can go online to USAA, identify as a Service Academy cadet, and get a quote for vehicle insurance.

USAA has been dealing with its members for many years whose kids go off to an SA, but if you get a phone rep who seems uncertain, escalate to a supervisor. USAA has over 10 M members now, and the SA population is a small slice. All the info on this comes up on the rep's screens, but they have to know what they are looking for.
I just got off the phone with my agent; my older son is moving out of state so he is dropped once he changes his address / out of state license etc.

As for the DS cadet - my insurer will list him as a 'non-driver' at zero premium but as long as his permanent address remains with us he will be covered for occasional use when home on leave. Call your insurance company and ask about this.

Jr/Sr year if he wants a vehicle on campus I can still cover him under my policy as a driver since he is 'away at school' status.
USAA actually has a special category for Service Academy students, its own discounted rate, Just have to press the issue a bit, Not all the representatives are aware of it.

Even if they have their own car they can still be on the family policy. They prefer that that vehicle show its local as MD.
So found out a few things my insurance does have a non driver inclusion. It will not cover if she is not on the policy. They have college student limited driver rate. I called USAA it appears the monthly premium for a no vehicle owner policy is less than what I am paying for her now. My insurance agent and I thought it would be a whole lot more. As what USAA describe the non vehicle owner policy will cover liability, injury and collision. So although my insurance wouldn't cover an accident it the USAA would pick it up with limite amounta depending on whatever is the election. As Midwest Dad said it can all be dependent on the state you are in, driving record etc.

FYI you will not qualify for USAA through your child, but will qualify through obviously your spouse, or a parent(active or retired) They just need to set up membership. If employed by certain Federal Agencies you can also qualify.

So thankful to this site.