Care Packages and Mail for New Cadets

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    The Academy Parent's Liason asked us to get the word out regarding sending care packages for the new Doolies. Here is a copy of what she had to say:

    From: "Gutierrez, Barbara L CIV USAF USAFA USAFA/CMA"
    Subject: Care packages for Doolies

    The postmaster (at the Academy) asked me to get the word out that they do not have space to stack up boxes so please, do not send your care packages for the Doolies until around the 2nd of August. The packages cannot be picked up until after the Acceptance Parade on 4 August. Also, they are already receiving letters for the Doolies and have not even set up the post office boxes yet! It would be better to wait to mail letters until around the 4th week of June.

    Parents' Liaison
    U.S. Air Force Academy, CO
    (719) 333-3828 Toll free 877-268-3383

    Another note to parents: Barbara is a great resource for issues that you might have when your son or daughter is at the Academy. Keep her contact info for future use.


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