Careful Consideration for School Selections

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Jcleppe, Nov 23, 2010.

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    This is an exciting time for a lot of us. Our sons/daughters just recieved their letters confirming a scholarship offer. It's easy to celebrate and make plans for the future. For some they have only one school to choose, others have up to 5 to select from.

    One big thing to remember is that the scholarship process is not over. The next big hurdle will be Dodmerb. Getting medically qualified can take many weeks, and that's if you have no problems along the way. If things pop up it could take months. There is also the chance that you will not be found qualified. There are far to many things to list that can casuse problems.

    My reason for discussing this is in regard to making school selections. Make sure that if you are accepting your scholarship to a very high priced school that you can afford the tuition even if the scholarship does not work out. You will need to make the school selection long before you find out if your medically qualified. Make sure you apply to other schools that you will be able to afford if things do not work out.

    This is the biggest risk of ED at high priced colleges. You get accepted, something goes wrong at dodmerb or other factors come ito play, and then your stuck.

    In one of the emails from a ROO at a school on my son's list, he made the statement " Make sure you continue your studies, stay in shape, and most of all have no civil convictions, even a speeding ticket with a fine of over $249.00 can cost you your scholarship. And don't get caught with alcohol."

    My point is make sure you have a back up school if things don't work out.
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    This is fantastic advice.

    If I can add one piece of advice on this thread that so many others have posted before. Make sure you can pass your AFPT.

    My son has a good friend who went to an expensive school (as it was out of state) last year and was never able to pass her AFPT. Needless to say, after one semester she transferred home.
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    We lived that scenario last stuck/derailed in the DoDMERB process and had to go thru waiver process. Even though we had chosen a school for the ROTC scholarship, it was one we probably couldn't afford otherwise. Consequently, I was paying non-refundable fees (registration and housing) at another "affordable" college just in case.

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