CBO Report on US Navy Shipbuilding

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    http://www.coltoncompany.com/newsandcomment/CBO Navy Shipbuilding.pdf

    The Congressional Budget Office apparently doesn't think much of the Navy's cost estimating.* In particular, the CBO says that the Navy's estimate of the cost of its current 30-year shipbuilding plan is light by 19%.* They might have slid by with 2% or 3%, but 19%, good grief!* Read it here.* Among the CBO's suggestions are: begin purchasing the SSBN(X) in 2019 rather than in 2021; purchase 5 additional SSNs earlier in the 30-year plan and reduce later construction; purchase 11 additional DDGs between 2018 and 2028; and delay the retirement of amphibious ships.* July 26, 2012.

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