Central Mass. Event Thanksgiving Day

Don't Give Up the Ship

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Jun 21, 2018
Foxboro High School will play its rival Mansfield High, using an Army Navy theme. This event will also honor Gold Star Vets and Purple Heart Vets from both communities. USNA Admissions BGO & Midshipman (2) will be there as an OPINFO (formal program of USNA Admissions involving BGOs and Midshipman) event. We have invited West Point (their participation not confirmed yet). The game will be 1000-1200 at Mansfield High School (230 East Street, Mansfield, MA 02048). I'm sure there is a fee to enter the game. Plan is for an OPINFO table in the end zone. For those interested it's a great opportunity to talk to Midshipman and a BGO. We plan on being available at 0900.

Hopefully our Army counterparts will participate. Foxboro and Mansfield will be wearing Navy and Army themed uniforms (Foxboro is Navy-so they will be the one with the highest score on the board).